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Join Raghunath in India January 28 - February 10th 2015! Spirit of Devotion!

The Spirit of Devotion Yoga Pilgrimage w/ Raghunath
Date: January 28-February 10th!
investment: $2750 all inclusive! first 10 people get $150 discount!
Includes:3 meals a day, classes by Raghunath, all internal flights and travels, guests speakers, hotels,asana classes 1 or 2 times daily. 
kirtan-constantly, study of sacred literature and  it’s practical application classes daily.
Back to the motherland! The home of yoga, mystics, mantras, sadhus, chanting, samaosas, Ayurveda and most of all devotion and love! Without a guide it’s easy to get lost in the craziness of modern India. To decipher the mystery Raghunath will be that guide to introduce you to spiritual India. Visiting like yogis; not tourists. We’re not going to park it at some hotel and do asanas. This is the real deal. Raghu will take you to the holy cities and villages that have been dear to the yogi’s and devotees since before recorded time. He will teach asana, and philosophy regularly and give reading assignments from books of ancient India so you can enter into the mood. More than tourism it will be a chance to learn and grow. We’ll learn meditation techniques, study sacred texts, and dine on authentic and excellent vegetarian food. Because he has spent a lot of time in India with sadhu’s and saints, We will meet up with other guides, friends, Vedic astrologers, palmists, & swami’s whom Raghunath knows of, or has known intimately for years. We’re going to deepen our understanding of yoga culture. With a proper guide India can be a portal to another time-an ancient spiritual culture. It still exists side by side with the modern. As you discover it you will consequently discover yourself a little more and then your life will never be the same. Hare Krishna.

JANUARY 28-31: fly into Mumbai and immediately go 2 hours to Radhanath Swami’s ECO village in the country side. This is cutting edge sustainable yoga retreat center, farm, orphanage, school and temple. Radhanath Swami has been spear heading this  eco-consciousness  that will become the gold standard for green living and sustainability. We will get a tour of  the grounds and what they’ve created as well as practice our asana, meditation, and kirtan  while there.. Incredible vegetarian food will be provided and we can relax outside the hustle of chaotic Mumbai in this country side retreat.

Feb 1  We bus ride it early in the morning to the city as Radhanath Swami gorgeous Hare Krishna temple and he will give us and the congregation a morning lecture at his ashram/temple in the heart of Chowpatty Mumbai. All  the audience  as well as our pilgrims  will prepare for the evening festival by picking (literally) a ton of flowers and separating them into baskets.  We will have the rest of the day to shop, check into our Mumbai hotel or rest up until we meet up again in the evening for the incredible flower festival. Phenomenal lunch will be provided at the restaurant on the ashram premises. This is THE kirtan event of a life time with 1 tons of flowers showered all over the altar and eventually on the 5 thousand guests. We will be honored guests at the temple and have darshan with Radhanath Swami as well have our dinner together that evening.  The festival is generally the highlight of the entire trip!

Jan 1-?  We will fly to Udaipur. Gorgeous cultural city of India! This is the  home of some great temples, great shopping and getting a feel for classic India. Although tourists love this city because of its’ charm we will still be doing our yoga, studying, Scriptural classes with me on a regular basis and have the afternoon to study, rest,  visit temples shop or whatever. 
A morning day trip will be taken to the sacred town of Nathdwar. I once visited this place in 1991 and was blown away spirit of Bhakti of this transcendental village.I’ve been dying to go back ever since! We’re going!

February 4th - After yoga and breakfast  We will take our smooth big AC but ride through Rajasthan towards Pushkara. The sacred and charming  village of Lord Brahma. This lakeside village has tons to see an we’re going to drink it all up- it’s perfect stop on our way to Jaipur where we will go the next day.

February 5th-  -After yoga and morning classes/ breakfast, more time in Pushkara after lunch we have a 2pm departure to Jaipur. (arriving at 5pm)

Feb. 5 &6 Jaipur is another culturally and spiritually rich city.  This was the Rajasthani stronghold where the last of the devotional kings lived. The temples are sacred and flooded with love, spirit and joy. We will see the old city, visit temples, visit the kings palace, and of course have our morning classes and plenty of time for the bazaar.

Feb. 7th after morning program/yoga/ kirtan/class/ breakfast we will depart of the most scared village of Vrindavan arriving at aprox 3pm  Vrindavan is the center of bhakti yoga. In this town our practice will not be of physical asana but of devotion of the heart, singing, visiting holy people, places, school for the needy children and to go internal. Vrindavan is a spiritual vortex.  The Hare Krishna devotees have a big gorgeous center their attracting international devotees of Krishna. Neem Karoli Baba has a nice ashram/temple as well as well as (literally) thousands of other Krishna temples from different gurus and lineages. All coming together in the spirit of devotion especially noticed through festive singing , dancing and spiritual merry making!

Feb 8th  A portion of the group will leave early morning for the Taj Mahal (not part of the trip officially and there will be a separate fee for those who want to go) It’s a 1/2 day trip that many people enjoy. I will not go but lead the rest of the group meeting up with sadhus and going through old Vrindavan.

Feb 9th We will visit the Sandi Pani Muni School an old friend of mine from Italy opened. He’s a Krishna devotee living in Vrindavan for many years since i was a monk. It’s incredibly impressive what he’s created. Organic farm, K-12 school for the poorest of the poor from local families. They provide them with school uniforms, incredible teachers, healthy food and a chance to escape an impoverished life. Paper recycling factory, soy milk, factory, cow sanctuary!!!!!! I’m always blown away and in tears during  our visit. Recently he has opened a hospital and tending to other physical and medical needs.

After lunch we will leave for New Delhi. (four hour trip) for departure.

What the Video Students made of the last Pilgrimage!

Contact lotuslike@mac.com to be a part of amazing adventure. Scroll down for details and to hear the experiences of others who have taken this journey in years' past.



$2750 USD (includes a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot; this trip will sell out!)

The $2750 includes: 

 • Pick up & drop off from/ to New Delhi Airport (DEL).
 • All internal travel 
 • 3 meals a day
 • Hotel/lodging
 • All classes and white water rafting (weather permitting) in the Ganga 
 • All yoga sessions & classes given by Raghunath.


The $2750 does  NOT include:

•International airfare
•Spending money
•Rickshaw rides in Vrindavan (however these are inexpensive)
•Your visa or passport. A tip is appreciated by my Indian assistant if you'd like his help; not mandatory.

If you're interested and have questions contact me immediately at: lotuslike@mac.com.




On this trip, everyone is expected follow the codes of a yogic pilgrimage.
Everyone is expected to eat exclusively vegetarian or vegan. No meat, fish or eggs. There is no consuming of alcohol, smoking of any kind or any drugs. None of that is welcome and we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave without any refund for breaking any of these codes of conduct. We take this very seriously on a pilgrimage.
There are many trips to India where you can sightsee and be a tourist. This is NOT one of them. I say this repeatedly , so as to not mislead anyone. We will practice asana, pranayam, meditation, do a lot of kirtan, tell the stories of ancient India, chant mantras and sing our hearts out aloof to public opinion. jai. If this is not the trip for you, that is ok. If this sounds like what you've looking for please read on-as it's quite wonderful.


“The trip to India with Raghu was amazing. As a first time visitor I felt completely at home. And with Raghu as our guide we were true yoga pilgrims! It was a real treat to have Raghu share his wealth of knowledge with us. Our bus trips were filled with lively discussions and readings from holy books. We saw and experienced a lot. I definitely recommend going to India with Raghu”.   

-Peter Barnett, Yoga Teacher and owner of BLACK DOG YOGA, Sherman Oaks,Ca.

"Raghu is an awesomely inspiring guide who makes this trip a true pilgrimage-a deep, uplifting, spiritual, life-changing experience."
-Molly Davidson, Yoga Teacher,Laughing Lotus NYC
"Raghunath brings India to life for anyone who hasn't been there. He goes past the superficial and helps you understand the nuances of the spirit, the culture and the people.  If you're even contemplating going-GO!"
 -Beverly F. Los Angeles, CA


The itinerary is left slightly flexible because in India sometimes I choose to change plans if there some -thing/festival/or holy person that we may run into unexpectedly. This is the mood of a pilgrimage. We are seeking experience and I will not be too tightly bound by an itinerary.

Click Here to see the video of our last trip!

THIS IS A PILGRIMAGE. NOT A TOUR. Come in the mood of a pilgrim. This is a 3rd world country. Please do not expect ANYTHING to be up to American standards. If sitting on the floor offends you-this may not be the trip for you. (if you need a chair due to health issues it can be arranged.) If you have issues with people wearing robes, going to Hare Krishna temples, ashrams, having non-stop kirtan/ chanting singing going - this may not be the trip for you.We will not tolerate complainers. If you want to find fault with india there's plenty of things to find fault in. Better you not come on this trip. If you are in the mood of learning, principles of Bhakti, kirtan, yoga philosophy, history of Indian culture as taught by the sages, meditation techniques, japa yoga, and you have a completely open mind and open heart then this trip is truly magical, transformative and life changing!
for questions or registration contact us:




ready to register? contact: me asap!!

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